1. Cast Iron :
We are cast Iron fanantics!  We believe in bringing old, vintage, rusty cast iron cookware back to life and using it on a regular basis.  To appreciate the quality  and workmanship of items form days gone past.  Items to be used for generations to come.  No more "throwaway" or teflon cookware. 
2. Hay and Alfalfa:
I have been in the business of providing feed, hay and dairy needs for over 30 years.
I can be YOUR supplier for dairy quality alfalfa, straw and hay. 
I deal with a large number of of growers and distributors so that I can bring you "the feed you need" for your operation. 
I bring only what you ask for. All loads are DHIA tested prior to delivery.
Call me at 1-320-220-0778
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